I was so happy to hear about Al Gore winning a Nobel Prize. There’s something so right about it. Scientists were rooting for him. Leaders around the world piled on with enthusiastic and sincere kudos. It should be noted that our own leaders sounded like smug, sneering jerks. As reported in the Washington Post:

“Obviously, it’s an important recognition, and we’re sure the vice president is thrilled,” spokesman Tony Fratto told reporters aboard Air Force One heading here Friday. Another senior official, commenting on the condition of anonymity to speak less diplomatically, said the Nobel Prize is nice, but the presidency is still better. “We’re happy for him,” the aide said, “but suspect he’d trade places before we would.”

Charming. Another official added, “na-nee na-nee boo-boo, we still beat you”. Ok, I made that part up, but it’s probably true. I mean, flipping past Fox News today, some conservative talking head was browbeating another (apparently less conservative) talking head with the fact that Reagan didn’t win a Nobel, so the prize itself is obviously mindless and meaningless.