Two children are aboard the ship as well.

New World Voyage is a full length LP with a companion 43-page digital booklet of photos, drawings, and text that evokes what it would be like for first space colonists - the human dimension of the departure and journey itself, as optimism fades and the enormity of irrevocable choices sets in. NWV imagines how the human psyche responds to leaving Earth forever - both the demands of the long trip and the prospect of life on a planet without ready air, water, food, or basic comforts.

The music is a kind of atmospheric ‘space folk’, contrasting acoustic guitar and soft melodies with dissonant electronic sounds. NPR called it "guitar pop for the Mars generation". Check out the article here:

Space Isn’t The Place: Místochord Scores A Fraught Migration To Mars

The digital booklet of photos takes a fictional, abstract approach to suggesting the journey. The crew’s log of short messages transmitted back to Earth - along with the song lyrics - help illuminate the arc of their psychological state.

New World Voyage
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