Bill Crandall

Just trying to live a creative life - photography, music, teaching, writing, drawing a little, collaborating with others. It all goes together. As a photographer, for years I shot for newspapers and magazines but now I consider myself a reformed photojournalist, mainly pursuing personal, long-form art/documentary photo projects.

Growing up I was more into music, playing guitar in bands from age 12 and studying music theory. Eventually I committed to photography but after a long hiatus I got back into music in 2010, playing guitar on three widely-acclaimed CDs with the band Dot Dash. I left the band to develop my own solo album, check out New World Voyage here.

I could never draw at all, but my father was excellent at drawing and illustration. Since he passed away I find suddenly I can draw just a bit. I try not to question these things.


My music projects are produced under the moniker Místochord. Basically a band name, except it's me (and various collaborators). The debut album is New World Voyage.

Místochord LLC

Místochord LLC is the business entity encompassing all of my creative endeavors and professional services: photography, music, writing, etc.

For the name I tried to take a step back and figure out what it is that unifies my most personal work. It quickly dawned on me it's almost always about a response to place. A sensitivity to environment, and the desire to explore and understand a neighborhood, a city, a country, a region. Or an inner space. I needed a word to evoke this but it didn't exist, so I created one.

místochord (mee-stoh-kord)
n. A feeling of resonance, harmony, or connection with a particular place or space.

From Czech místo (place) and English chord. Literally "place-chord". Related to the Latin genius loci, the atmosphere or spirit of a place, but specifically referring to the way someone responds to that spirit.

You can download my CV for the usual particulars. (For my writing CV, click here)

- Bill