Tesla Girls

Yes, we bought a Tesla. I won't try to become a car reviewer, but a few thoughts and initial impressions:

It's an incredible car, electric or otherwise. I feel like performance, design, engineering, tech are all astounding, unbelievable, better than anything I thought I would ever own in this lifetime. Fun and beautiful and sturdy-feeling. No cons except not cheap. Some 'asset management' was required to make it happen, which took some doing and even sacrifice.

More than anything, it feels like an investment in the future. Meaning getting onboard with where things are going and need to go, with the goal of helping to get there quicker. Nudging the market. It's amazing how quickly you pass gas stations and notice how crummy and archaic they seem.

I was actually somewhat of a naysayer. I was all for an EV in theory (both of us were), but worried about the car’s cost and the logistics of charging. Neither one of us wanted a fancy car for the sake of fancy. In fact the minimalism of much of the Tesla design approach suits us. For the purchase cost we found a way, in part because it became a matter of living our values. For the charging, charging cost, and range, now that I get how it all works I have zero concerns. Especially for a Tesla EV, since they have their own slick 'supercharger' stations all over the place, with many more on the way soon.

And yesterday as I was tooling around solo for a bit, I had the bizarre, surreal experience of blasting God Save the Queen (on the great sound system with its own unlimited streaming service):

"No future, no future" - a decades-ago fit of nihilism, as I simultaneously found myself in that future that wasn't supposed to happen, in a world already radically different from back then; wondering/worried about our own future, yet feeling just a little clearer on how we might get there after all; and gliding along in what it might look like. Time-travel.