Making a List

Here's one list for starters, not perfect, there are others out there. Adjust or make your own checklist. No need to quibble too much about each action item, the basics are pretty clear.

Plenty of people are worried, but there are those who say that individual actions are pointless, delusional, that the level of change required has to come first from business and government.

BS. How will it ever come from the top? If it comes from the bottom first. Stop waiting for the perfect political leadership to save us, it will never come. If enough people think differently and are willing to act, to leap fervently into action, we've got a shot. It will take time to build but the top-down changes will follow.

It's especially required of us in the DC area to push a cultural shift, with our combo of knowledge, resources, and access to policy-makers who may live right down the street.

We are all both the problem and the solution. Each of us needs to own that and act, everyday, not just leave it for some other sucker. It’s like traffic: everyone wishes others would get off the road.

Everything we do supports the systems that are leading us rapidly down the wrong environmental path. We don't need to be perfect, and we can still have fun, noble, full lives and dreams - even as we strive to change everything. We do need to try harder, to understand better, multitask, think beyond ourselves more, and to keep at it. Not just in the short-term, but forever. Accept that the right to privileged lives of thoughtless abundance and carefree comfort and convenience is already revoked.