Minsk, 2009

Minsk, 2009

Twenty years after the pivotal events of 1989 in Eastern Europe, and the subsequent end of the USSR, Belarus is still searching for its post-Soviet national identity.

Despite fast rivers of change just over the horizon in all directions, the prevailing feeling in Minsk is one of waiting. Not anticipation, revolution is distinctly not in the air. A kind of resignation that change will not be swift and transformative, but could take awhile, perhaps generations.

But Belarusians are stoic people, they know how to wait.


"[An] American master" - Sergey Moskalev, Voice of America

"Magnificent" - Joyce Barnathan, President, International Center for Journalists

"Strong recommend. It's a book about people, not politics." - Kathy Ryan, Chernobyl Children's Project International

"Belarus, a post-Soviet country “squeezed between Europe and Russia”. The most common association is probably Chernobyl and current political regime referred to as “the last dictatorship in Europe”. No surprise that those few photographers who get to that part of Europe focus on one of those issues. Bill Crandall did something very different. He came to Belarus to document everyday life and he spent one decade visiting the country: observing, learning, reflecting. [S]ome images are just surreal, others are very intimate, many are captivating but all of them create beautiful and intriguing narratives […]." - phot(o)lia

"The fact that no one has photographed my country the way Crandall does becomes clear from looking at just a few of his photos. Crandall does not photograph ideology. Neither does he photograph anti-ideology. He is interested in the human dimension." - Victor Martinovich, author (from the introduction)

The Waiting Room - Photographs from Belarus
Photos by Bill Crandall. Introduction by Victor Martinovich (in English and Russian).

Softcover, 8x10in, 111 pages, 67 B&W images. Offset printing, perfect binding.

Signed, first edition of 500.

2nd place, photo book category, 2012 FotoweekDC International Photo Awards
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